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How Bulk Voice Call work?

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You will get username to login to our easy to use web based dashboard. There will be all options to send campaigns.

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Record your voice message in .mp3 format. Upload your bulk numbers and voice file in our web dashboard.

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Our system automatically send calls to given numbers from system id or your dedicated id. People answer call and hear your recorded message.

Send Most Effective Voice Campaigns

Who can use Bulk Voice Call?


Political Campaigns

Send your recorded voice message to thousands of numbers in a single shot.


Surveys & Feedback

Best way to collect opinions and feedback. Conduct surveys in bulk and get response instantly.


Lead Generation

Most effective lead generation method for businesses. Get more leads with ease.


Business Promotions

Send promotional campaigns in bulk. Affordable & effective voice call service.


Informative Messages

Send automated informative messages time to time. Free Add-ons to enhance usage.


Events Invite

Send personalised voice invitations effectively. Easy to use & affordable solution.

Voice Calls

Send Bulk Voice Calls for promotional and informative campaigns. Voice SMS, IVR, Cloud Telephony & more. Voice Call API for integrations. #VoiceSMS #IVR #CloudTelephony #BulkVoiceCall #VoiceCall

Voice Broadcast

Send pre-recorded message to bulk numbers instantly. For promotional, political campaigns, information, surveys & more. Our system provides best voice broadcast service with updated features. #BulkVoiceCall #VoiceBroadcast


Outbound Dialer (OBD) is an automated call system that sends pre-recorded voice message. This application allows you to establish a wide range of communication with many customers and target audiences. #OutboundDialer


Get most out of your campaigns..

Advanced Features

Effective Communication

☆ Boosts Your Business

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. -Paul J. Meyer”

Choose the most preferred and effective communication methods to be in contact with your customers. Send informative alerts without fail and increase sales with effective marketing methods. #BulkVoiceCall 

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